On Track for Summer Festival - 2017

On Track for Summer Festival

Fifty years ago music fans celebrated the summer of peace and love with a festival at Balloon Meadow at Royal Windsor Racecourse. On Saturday July 22nd the Racecourse is again host to a special day of music and psychedelia as we mark this glorious anniversary.

It will be a special day to remember capped off with a performance from The Doors Alive who will recreate the music of Jim Morrison and the band who made 1967 such an unforgettable year with the release of their debut album. Turn on, tune in and drop down to Windsor Racecourse the home of the original festival of 1967.


Adults £35

Children £17.50

Upgrade to an Adult VIP Gold ticket for £75- The VIP Gold Circle tickets guarantee seating adjacent to the stage, and standing room on the grass areas alongside.

The Gold Circle tickets also include a pass to the marquee bar, a commemorative programme as well as the advantaged seating.

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